Love Hate Inu Crypto Token vs Big Eyes, Baby Doge Utility Meme Coin Comparison

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Love Hate Inu vs Baby Doge vs Big Eyes coin

As of this writing in May 2023 the cryptocurrency world is in the middle of a global frenzy over meme coins, especially those crypto tokens that allegedly have some form of substantive underlying utility. The battle lines have been drawn and the 2023 meme coin war is on. This article briefly describes the current landscape and makes some quick comparisons of Love Hate Inu vs Baby Doge vs Big Eyes meme coins investment opportunity.

Meme coins are in a fierce battle to become the next Dogecoin that will be 100x. Dogecoin was proof that using a meme to bring awareness to a DeFi currency was successful when it received a meteoric rise in value in early 2021—creating over 1,000 DOGE-made millionaires.

Today, DOGE has given rise to the market of DOGE-inspired altcoins using the star power of the meme to grow their currencies. However, DOGE has faced backlash for its lack of real-world application. Now, altcoins can highlight practical utility with their currency to receive the early success of Dogecoin but stretch it out for long-term viability as the future currencies of Web 3.0 and beyond.

Is Baby Doge Still The Dogecoin Killer ?

As mentioned in the name, Baby Doge is a meme coin born from the Doge meme and inspired by Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB). However, as a new-generation Shiba Inu meme coin, Baby Doge has some tricks that its predecessors don’t have.

Baby Doge announced PiP integration which allows the meme coin to be used as payment on social media platforms such as Reddit and Twitter. This was a perfect opportunity for Baby Doge, given that social media is the home to Doge memes—making it a go-to option for social media users when making transactions.

However, one investor that made $10M on Baby DogeCoin (BabyDoge) plans to sell it all to invest in a new meme coin that the investor believes has even more promise than Baby Doge—but could it be Love Hate Inu or Big Eyes Coin?

Love Hate Inu Vs Baby Doge

Love Hate Inu is a meme coin that utilizes the Shiba Inu as its mascot and aspires to become a social platform. While also inspired by the Doge meme, Love Hate Inu differentiates itself by enabling community voting through staking and smart contracts that eliminate spam and manipulation.

The token’s presale offered 90% of the total supply to the community, highlighting the emphasis on community involvement. As for its practical utility, Love Hate Inu has plans for NFT creation, GameFi, and more.

While Baby Doge has announced its integration with social media platforms for payments, Love Hate Inu’s community-centric approach and plans may give it an edge in the competitive meme coin market. But where does that leave Big Eyes Coin (BIG)?

Will Big Eyes Coin Propel Next Wave Of Meme Coins ?

Bigeyes Coin uses the power of kitten attraction to get followers and investors
Big Eyes Coin Uses The Power of Kitten Attraction to Allure Followers and Investors

This exciting new meme coin is still in the presale phase, and despite being a meme coin, it stands apart from the rest of the crowd by not copying the Doge meme to present its image. Instead, Big Eyes Coin is represented by the artsy theme of cute kittens.

BIG aims to make transactions playful and fun for the future of Web 3.0, where the internet becomes more visual and personable. Meme coins such as DOGE, Love Hate Inu and SHIB provide personable but don’t represent the cat-lover market.

Still, despite the imagery, BIG focuses on its vision for DeFi by having 80% of its community own BIG on day one at launch. Through BIG’s proof-of-service protocol, the community will govern the scalability of the coin and the charities to support with the BIG charity wallet.

Is BIG Eyes Coin Stealing Shiba Inu’s Limelight Meme Coin Status ?

With the meme community continually bombarded by doge meme coins, BIG is a breadth of fresh air that banks on the power of kitten attraction. BIG has many features that other meme coins don’t have, including a social marketplace platform for NFTs and a newly-announced online casino with over 4,000 games and 14 play-to-earn games.

BIG launches on June 3rd 2023, with plenty of promise to dominate the meme coin market and become the true successor to Dogecoin despite being based on kitten memes.

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