June 2023 FLOKI Price Prediction, Roadmap | Where To Buy Real FLOKI Crypto Coins?

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June 2023 FLOKI Price Prediction, Roadmap | Where To Buy Real FLOKI Crypto Coins?

FLOKI Crypto Coin Price Increases 25% Post 2023 Roadmap Release

FLOKI is a deflationary cryptocurrency that is based on the Ethereum and Binance blockchains. It has a total supply of 10 trillion tokens, and it is traded on a number of cryptocurrency exchanges. Over time, the number of tokens in circulation will decrease, as a portion of each transaction is burned. This means that FLOKI is a scarce asset, which could potentially increase its value in the future. FLOKI can be purchased on Binance, Coinbase and OKX among other decentralized exchanges.

The rival token to SHIB, FLOKI, saw a 25% rise from 7 days ago following the announcement of its 2023 roadmap.

The official FLOKI account declared it was on the verge of delivering several projects outlined in the FLOKI 2023 roadmap. This roadmap encompasses a range of new features and upgrades to enhance the token’s utility and accessibility.

The momentum on FLOKI’s price on the OKX platform saw the price at $0.00002697 as of press time, reflecting the response from buyers following the roadmap announcement.

The surge in demand also aligns with the recent unexpected rise in bitcoin’s price, which has positively impacted the overall cryptocurrency market.

FLOKI surges 25% on 2023 roadmap release - 1
Floki 1-week chart | Source: CoinMarketCap

Highlights of the roadmap

One of the key highlights of the roadmap is the introduction of native payments, burn mechanisms, and a referral program through the forthcoming “FlokiFi Locker” update.

This upgrade is aimed at increasing adoption and utility. To increase security, Certik, a blockchain security assessor, has been granted access to review the upgrade’s source code. The FLOKI team awaits the green light from project backers to proceed with the mainnet launch.

Another notable feature highlighted in the roadmap is the integration of FLOKI with the “biggest lending protocol on the BNB chain” and the “second biggest DeFi protocol on the entire chain.”

The integration will enable FLOKI users to utilize their tokens for borrowing stablecoins and other cryptocurrencies. The team anticipates this integration will be operational as early as next week.

The FLOKI team is also exploring introducing a staking option for FLOKI, allowing token holders to participate in the network’s governance and earn rewards. The team is conducting bug reviews to ensure a smooth and secure staking experience before releasing it.

To further enhance user experience, the team is diligently working on redesigning FlokiFi. The redesign is approaching completion, and the team is conducting final checks to address any potential issues before its official release.

In addition to these developments, the FLOKI team has plans for Valhalla’s mainnet debut. Valhalla will feature play-to-earn functionality, battle arenas, and a dedicated Chinese version to tap into Chinese users’ growing interest in cryptocurrencies.

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